Malawi Community Project

Thank you to all our Donors specially specifically Malawi community for this project, Partners and supporters as we showcase Malawi/ Spiritual Chords Villa at Tiny Hearts Complex video taken on site by Spiritual Chords representatives of the finished complex.

SPIRITUAL CHORDS team participated in CONSCIENCE CONVOY in Turkey

Spiritual Chords team attended a  successful rally was held  in the border province of Hatay near the Syrian-Turkish borders, where over 10,000 women gathered and demand the release of Syrian women who are being held in Syrian prisons facing rape, torture and sexual abuse.


The Conscience Convoy started its journey on Tuesday March 6th and went on till 11 March 2018 in Istanbul where women from across the globe had travelled to participate in the Conscience Convoy.

SPIRITUAL CHORDS WATER4LIFE : Cape Town crisis in support of Al Imdaad Foundation initiative

PAKISTAN WATER FOR LIFE INITIATIVE: Redesigned Hand-pumps for Spiritual Chords.

The hand pump was specially designed by award winning international architect and UN laureate Yasmeen Lari. It consists of a raised platform housing the pump for drinking or filling utensils for clean water use. A second attached lower platform has water access for washing clothes. The grey water or run off water from both platforms automatically channels to an attached plantation patch where herbs and vegetables a grown giving locals access to a food supply previously not possible because of the severe arid nature of areas where our handpumps are being installed


We Offer Dignity and Hope

Spiritual Chords is an identity for people who work towards assisting and contributing to the upliftment of underprivileged societies in South Africa and around the world.

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