Education and skills training

Education and skills training​

Spiritual Chords understands that education is a key factor to eradicate unemployment, poverty and inequality. It also serves as a means of hope, sanity and has therapeutic effects. Without provision of or a dramatic improvement in education, crevasses in society will continue to deepen.  It is the universally accepted as a catalyst for economic and human growth and is a fundamental human right that affects political stability. Towards this end Spiritual Chords promotes and tries to facilitate development of education to address socio-economic issues.

We realise that poor children have numerous disadvantages in relation to their better-off counterparts; they are usually less healthy, have language skills less developed and are generally less socially, emotionally and physically equipped to undertake a school programme.

Spiritual Chords believes that for the education system to truly respond to the needs of poor children and to contribute to wealth creation in communities and society at large, emphasis has to be placed on providing educational facilities that will help prepare these learners for the job market and give them the opportunity to nurture their skills.

In unnatural conditions like war and destruction education systems are often disrupted and this exacerbates the trauma and catharsis being experienced in these circumstances. Spiritual Chords focusses on re-establishing or providing education facilities in an attempt to halt and even perhaps reverse the despair and helplessness created by these situations. It also prevents a generation of young people from becoming further helpless into adulthood leading to very unfortunate social and other issues in their future.

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