Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Emergencies occur nearly every day and affect thousands of communities around the world, leaving individuals in serious need of assistance to continue surviving and recuperate. Devastation affecting millions of people has become more and more frequent.

In recent years millions of people have been displaced and or forced from their homes. The situations can vary from disastrous natural disasters and disease epidemics to food shortages, drought and displacement of populations due to war and civil unrest.

In these often unforeseen situations villages, towns and cities have been affected and many communities destroyed or damaged. While at the same time million acres of farming land, cattle and crops are lost in distruction.

  Spiritual Chords through internationally recognised implementing partners, has participated in many emergency relief projects.

Our response varies according to the type of disaster but in most cases the methodology and items used are similar. Spiritual Chords attempts to provide:

  • Tents, floor mats, mattresses and blankets
  • Food items including rice, flour, oil, sugar, baby milk, salt, beans
  • Medicines and other medical supplies
  • Bottled water and water purification tablets
  • Generators and ambulances
  • Sanitary and Hygiene Hampers

Part of our methodology includes a deliberate strategy to try and provide for these communities after the initial international hype surrounding it starts subsiding. We therefore focus on participating and helping to rebuild the lives of these people towards creating more long term self-sustaining input.

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