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Thank you to all our Donors specially specifically Malawi community for this project, Partners and supporters as we showcase Malawi/ Spiritual Chords Villa at Tiny Hearts Complex video taken on site by Spiritual Chords representatives of the finished complex.

SPIRITUAL CHORDS team participated in CONSCIENCE CONVOY in Turkey

Spiritual Chords team attended a  successful rally was held  in the border province of Hatay near the Syrian-Turkish borders, where over 10,000 women gathered and demand the release of Syrian women who are being held in Syrian prisons facing rape, torture and sexual abuse.

The Conscience Convoy started its journey on Tuesday March 6th and went on till 11 March 2018 in Istanbul where women from across the globe had travelled to participate in the Conscience Convoy.

SPIRITUAL CHORDS WATER4LIFE : Cape Town crisis in support of Al Imdaad Foundation initiative

Spiritual Chords CapeTown Wellpoint Appeal

PAKISTAN WATER FOR LIFE INITIATIVE: Redesigned Hand-pumps for Spiritual Chords.

Spiritual Chords water project

PAKISTAN WATER FOR LIFE INITIATIVE: Redesigned Hand-pumps for Spiritual Chords.

The hand pump was specially designed by award winning international architect and UN laureate Yasmeen Lari. It consists of a raised platform housing the pump for drinking or filling utensils for clean water use. A second attached lower platform has water access for washing clothes. The grey water or run off water from both platforms automatically channels to an attached plantation patch where herbs and vegetables a grown giving locals access to a food supply previously not possible because of the severe arid nature of areas where our handpumps are being installed

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ALIEN ABDUCTION ? : Beggars have Disappeared

Hertiage Foundation with Spiritual Chords 1000 shelter comprehensive village project has begun.
Local shrines in Makli have reported no beggars there for at least a week already as all of them are participating in an intensive clean up of their villages as the means to earn necessary materials for shelter which presently is straw walls mostly without a roof. This is phase 2 of an initiative to teach beggar communities a means of thriving without begging.

spiritul chords heritage foundation

Water for Life Project Update

Spiritual Chords supported Project : Heritage Foundation Pakistan Smokeless choolahs (stove) program

Heritage Foundation’s Barefoot Women Entrepreneurship programme with backing from Spiritual Chords. Assisting Pakistan villagers build smokeless choolahs (stove) in villages which had been all but destroyed by the 2011 floods.

Spiritual Chords: Najam Sheraz Noor e Amal Tour  2016

Spiritual Chords hosted notable international Islamic nasheed reciter & student of Arrahman Arrahim, Najam Sheraz to South Africa to entertain encourage and empower us with motivational addresses, masaajid programs and naat programs in 2016.

Award winning Najam Sheraz is a widely renowned Artist, composer, inspirational speaker and peace activist with 10 albums under his belt.

Changing from his previous life as a pop star he is still an acclaimed reciter/writer his focus is now deeni inclined and reaching out to Muslim brothers and sisters with the message of Al-Quran and Hadith.

His first Nasheed album best seller “Na Tera Khuda Koi Aur Hae,” changed his perspective about life, resulting in him dedicating his voice without music to uniting people for peace and brotherhood, recording the highest number of motivational songs by any Pakistani singer ever. Also the official singer and producer of the national anthem of Pakistan he has represented the country at events such as the Beijing Olympics, SAF games, and international cricket events.

For his services to the community, he was presented two congressional awards in 2006 and 2007 in the USA. He also featured in BBC’s biggest documentary ”Battle for Islam”.
He has been performing and speaking at the International Islamic and interfaith events like GPU London ISNA USA ICNA USA and MUSLIM FESTIVAL Toronto

Spiritual Chords: Malawi – Dai Halima Maternity Clinic

Spiritual Chords funded the construction and furnishing of the Dai Halima Maternity Clinic in the Bangwe Township, Blantyre, Malawi.

Spiritual Chords:Malawi – Nurahibukum Fil Islam Orphanage

NFI in Malawi assists 62 orphans with food, shelter, education and medical assistance. They need your help.