Safe Housing

Safe Housing

Any given year millions of people lose their homes and belongings in natural disasters and conflicts. Many of those seek refuge in humanitarian camps for access to shelter, food and clean water, often staying in this condition for years – and generations maybe – with little opportunity to affect the situation. Thus the emergency shelter turns into a home.

Every person deserves a safe place to call home. Driven by this belief Spiritual Chords invests time into planning shelter designs to reconstruct damaged or destroyed shelter in existing communities or for refugee camps. Every effort is made to ensure the shelters provided will offer dignified and secure housing for the millions of people whose shelters have been destroyed and to vulnerable refugee families fleeing war zones, natural disasters or areas of political unrest

These offer a longer-lasting alternative to tents homes, which are not always suitable for long term housing of especially refugee families who can live in camps for over 12 years.

Efforts are made to design shelters that last some years with durability and dignity in mind, giving disrupted and refugee families as comfortable and secure a residence as we can achieve so they have a safer, more humane place to call home during their time of great personal upheaval.

Consideration is given to factors like cost-efficiency, security, ventilation, sustainable lighting and energy and especially to construction that is eco-friendly while working towards zero carbon footprint to the environment.

We Offer Dignity & Hope



We Offer Dignity and Hope

Spiritual Chords is an identity for people who work towards assisting and contributing to the upliftment of underprivileged societies in South Africa and around the world.

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