Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development​

In recent years the world has been ravaged by an accelerated number of natural disasters and other factors which have damaged or destroyed villages’ towns and even cities, affecting millions of people.

In these situations, very often homes, belongings, million acres of farming land and cash crops are destroyed severely affecting the lives and livelihood of affected communities which suffer enormously and struggle able to pick up the pieces to rebuild their lives. Spiritual Chords understands the enormity of these disasters and makes great effort to facilitate required, innovative solutions for providing shelter, economic development and long term, self-sustaining, eco-friendly community projects.

Towards this end Spiritual Chords undertakes emergency relief projects which include designing reconstruction projects and the creative strategies to implement them to rebuild the lives of as many displaced households as possible, as expediently and efficiently as we can achieve.

Investigations are made into the most optimal ways of helping displaced households rebuild and enhance their lives without having to unnecessarily relocate and split up existing communities.

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