Water And Sanitation ​

Water and Sanitation

For Spiritual Chords providing clean water isn’t just about water. It is about community development, empowerment and sustainability.

There are an estimated 884 million people without adequate drinking water, and a correlating 2.5 billion without adequate water for sanitation. Without water for sewage disposal, cross-contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage becomes the norm. Consequently, disease and significant deaths arise from people using contaminated water supplies; these effects are particularly pronounced for children in underdeveloped countries, where 3900 children per day die of diarrhoea alone.

Installing water wells and water boreholes in the most affected areas will directly alleviate these effects. Spiritual Chords makes efforts to provide communities with clean water, in order to give much needed nourishment, sanitation to prevent diseases and provide a key component in farming.

Boreholes are beneficial to agricultural projects, farming activities and even construction projects.  Water is used for irrigation, maintaining parks and gardens, for crops, livestock and for construction purposes. Households and communities with water wells and water boreholes are more empowered to become self-reliant.  Water wells also limit the need for women and young girls to travel distances to get water thus lessen their risk to danger.

In addition to health benefits and resulting increased productivity, the local, nearby water source allows for a reallocation of time towards more productive activities, as well as allowing for cultivation of vegetable crops throughout the year through irrigation. It can also provide a source of revenue that will be used to increase the quality of life in the village, including education, medical care, and access to technology. Spiritual Chords knows that clean water makes an extraordinary difference.

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